Viagra is not supposed to be taken along with alcoholic beverages or grapefruit juice or any other products that could influence its efficiency.

If throughout the sexual sex you really feel dizziness, queasiness, tingling or tingling in your jaw, arms, neck, or chest get in touch with your medical professional when possible as you may be having one of the major adverse effects of Viagra.


Viagra is taken with a complete glass of water a hr before beginning the sexual activity.


This medicine needs to be taken after you speak with your medical professional going over such clinical concerns as heart problem, stomach abscess, renal system illness, liver problems, heart rhythm problems, higher or reduced blood pressure, coronary canal condition, retinitis pigmentosa, current history of a cardiac arrest or heart attack or bodily deformity of the penis to see if your dosage is supposed to be readjusted whatsoever, or if you might need extra monitoring.